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  • Herbal Honey


    A natural herbal honey

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    Herbal Tooth powder for Bad Odour and Tooth decay – 100 gm

  • Home made Floor and Multipurpose Cleaner (500 ml)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenyl, and other chemical solutions we typically use in households to wash our bathrooms, clean toilets, wipe our floors, tiles and other surfaces. It is prepared using fermenting the citrus peels. It is totally non-toxic, skin-friendly and environment friendly.

  • Home Made Sandalwood Face n Body Powder


    Best alternative to commercial chemical-based Talcum Powders

    The melody of all the natural ingredients present in this powder benefits the skin without any side effects. Some benefits include improved blood circulation, retaining moisture, reducing itchiness, pimple/rash redness & act as a barrier to skin infections.

    How to Use – On clean and dry skin use a puff, dab the powder gently, it may take a little longer to blend, unlike conventional talcum powders.

  • Home-Made All Natural Foot Cream – 50 gm

    Made By Vaijayanthi 
    98860 68649
    Open Monthly

    100% Natural and Preservative Free Foot Cream. Helps in healing dry and cracked heels.

  • Home-Made All Natural Lip Balm – 10 grm

    Made By Vaijayanthi 
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    Open Monthly

    100% Natural and Preservative Free Lip Balm. Helps heal cracked lips and retains moisture.

  • Home-Made Balasiddha Oil – 500ml

    Made By Ojas
    7774 34453
    Open Monthly

    Herbal massage Oil

  • Home-Made Curry Leaf Oil (200 ml)

    Made By Krithika
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    Open Monthly

    Herbal Hair Oil for premature greying hair

  • Home-Made Herbal Pouch (one packet)

    Made By Sri Nandhini
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    Open All Days

    Gentle cleanser and prevents hair shedding. Prevents premature greying and conditions the hair. Repairs damaged roots n reduces hair fall.

  • Home-Made Indigo Natural Hair dye (100 gm)

    Made By Sri Nandhini
    77602 92062
    Open All Days

    Natural way to color your hair.

  • Home-Made Shikakai Powder (500 gm) (Natural Lathering)


    Made By Sri Nandhini
    77602 92062
    Open All Days
    Easy to wash, Produce lather in order to remove the oil and clean the scalp, Helps to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Naturally conditions the hair.

  • Home-Made Shikakai Powder with 14 Herbs (500 gm)

    Made By Sri Nandhini
    77602 92062
    Open All Days

    Natural way of washing our hair. Helps to treat dandruff. Improves hair texture. Prevents hair loss.

  • Home-Made Traditional Kaajal / Kan Mai – 10 grm

    Made By Vaijayanthi 
    98860 68649
    Open Monthly

    100% natural, preservative free, traditionally prepared Kaajal/Kan Mai

  • Home-Made Ubtan For Babies (500 gm)

    Made By Sri Nandhini
    77602 92062
    Open All Days

    Helps to remove unwanted hair Improves the complexion. Safe to use for kids.


  • Homemade Body Cream (50 grms)


    Made By Vaijayanthi 
    98860 68649
    Open Monthly

    100% Natural and Preservative Free Moisturizer and Body Cream

  • Nannari Ver (natural coolant)


    Nannari /Indian Sarsaparilla/Anantamul/Sogade Beru – Natural body coolant, excellent blood purifier and health tonic

  • Natural Foundation Powder – 15 gm


    Please note foundation are available in 5 shades – Wheat color, Brown, Tan, Fair & Very fair choose your closest. Please make sure to mention in the special comments before checkout.

    Best alternative to conventional Foundation.

    Shades: Wheatish, brown, tan, fair & very fair.

    Prod Description: The melody of all the natural ingredients present in this foundation benefits the skin without any side effects. Some benefits include retaining moisture, anti-ageing properties, helps to reduce blemishes and scars (Not hide like regular foundation) slowly if used regularly.

  • Natural Pain relief Oil – 30 ml


    Ingredients: Gomutra, Gomiya rasam, gingelly oil, ajwain satva, pacha karpoora, ashwaganta, nilagiri thaila, tulsi thaila, pudina thaila, lavanga thaila.

    How to Use: Apply the Oil n gently rub it until heat forms on affected area

    Reduces Knee pain, joint pain, treating Arthritis n other bone pain

    For external use only

  • Natural Reusable Sanitary Napkins – 1 Pc

     180 200
    • Natural cotton sanitary napkins
    • Reusable
    • Very healthy

  • Natural Rose scrub for Face & Body – 100 gm


    Please note scrubs are available for 3 skin type. Choose as Dry, Normal and Oily. Please make sure to mention in the special comments before checkout

    Suitable for Normal, Dry & Oily skin

    Alternative to conventional scrubs.

    Description: Regular use of this scrub helps to de-tan, makes your skin smooth & supple to touch. Helps retain moisture. In case you feel it’s a little oily you can skip moisturizer for a day or two.

  • Pure Castor Oil – 250 ml

     250 1,500

  • Pure Epsom Bath and Foot Soak Salts (120 gm)


    Ingredients: Pure Epsom Salt, Rock Salt, and Lavender Essential Oil.

    Description: Epsom salts are formed from a pure mineral compound containing magnesium and sulphate that have healing properties, and these minerals are readily absorbed by the body in the soaking therapy.

    1. These salts have been used for centuries to treat muscle aches, cleanse the skin, relieve foot aches, sore legs, smelly feet, and treat insomnia also.
    2. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent and a muscle relaxant.
    3. Rock Salt removes negative energy.
    4. Lavender oil is one of the most popularly used oils in aromatherapy. It has a calming and uplifting aroma. It has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
    5. No hidden chemicals or toxic additives used.
    • Directions to use:
      For a relaxing soak: Add two cups of Epsom Salt to a warm bath.
    • For relieving aching, sore feet, and smelly feet: Add 2-4 spoons of Epsom Salt to a bucket of warm water and soak your legs.
    • For relieving backache: Mix 1 – 2 spoons of Epsom Salt in water to form a paste for application.
    • Soak or apply for at least 15 – 20 minutes.

    Note: You should not take Epsom salt baths if you are pregnant, have exposed cuts or burns on your skin, or severely dehydrated. NOT RECOMMENDED for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease and have high or low blood pressure.

  • Roasted Flax seeds Powder (250 gm)

     120 720

    Traditionally, Flaxseeds is a rich source of Omega 3, Fiber, Vitamins B and C, Magnesium, Iron; offering many Health Benefits including,

    1 . Flaxseeds are packed with fiber. Regular use helps facilitate bowel movement and cleanse the body of all undigested toxins

    2 . Flaxseed also provides the body with Omega 3 essential Fatty Acids which reduce the bad fat in the bloodstream and prevent clogs in arteries and valves

    3 . The omega 3 fatty acids also help treat skin diseases like acne, allergies and sun sensitivity. Flaxseeds acts as an excellent skin and hair supplement

    4 . Flaxseed can help reduce blood sugar levels. It also helps maintain cholesterol levels, and the natural rhythm of the heart

    5 . Flax seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid that protects the body against inflammation which is especially beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis, and joint pain

    6 . Flaxseeds are the richest source of lignans. Lignans are known for their estrogen and anti-oxidant qualities, thereby regularizing hormonal imbalance in women

    How to Use/Recipe:

    When consumed whole, flaxseeds passes undigested through the body, without any of its nutrients being absorbed. To get the most out of flaxseeds you should grind them.

    1 . You could have ½ teaspoon of flaxseed powder with water every morning

    2 . Or else, mix 2-4 tablespoons with flour to make rotis to get your daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids

    3 . Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons over your morning cereal, salads and desserts

    So make this tiny seed a part of your daily health plan and reap its numerous benefits. Eat healthy to Stay healthy.

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    Surya Arka – 250 ml


    Surya Arka is urine collected from desi cow. In the ancient days, it is believed that this urine was used to prevent:

    • Prevent Diseases
    • Reduce residues in Body
    • Stomach related Issues
    • Increases Immunity

    Instruction to use

    • 6 month – 1 years – 0.3 ml (3 times a day)
    • 1 years – 2 years – 0.5 ml (3 times a day)
    • 2 years – 3 years – 1.25 ml (3 times a day)
    • 3 years – 5 years – 3 ml (3 times a day)
    • 5 years – 10 years – 7 ml (3 times a day)
    • 10 years – 15 years – 10 ml (3 times a day)
    • Above 15 years – 20 ml (3 times a day)

    Pure Vegetarian Diet is a must!

  • Traditional Arka from Umbalachery Cow (first time in India) – 250 ml


    Arka is prepared from traditional desi cow named Umbalachery.


  • Vetiver Root (natural coolant)


    Vetiver /Khas khas/Lavancha – a natural coolant

  • Women’s Health Drink – 1 Kg

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
     300 1,800


    • A proper combination of Bamboo rice, Pearl (kambu) millet and few herbs.
    • Rich in Iron and Calcium

    It helps Women to strengthening their Spinal Cord and Joints.

    How to Use? Recipe:

    • Porridge: Take a glass of water, make it warm and put 2 spoon of women’s health drink powder and stir well for 2 minutes. Add one spoon of Palm jaggery. Women’s Health drink is ready.
    • Laddoo: Add 250 grm of WHD flour, add Jaggery juice (paagu), add few nuts. Make Laddoos.

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