HomeMade Lactation Podi (Shatavari) – 250 gms

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Shatavari/buttermilk root/Majjige gadde – Ideal herb during lactation period. Apart from improving breast milk production, it also adds nutritive value to it, which helps the baby.



About Shatavari:

Shatavari translated has various meaning, to mention few,

  • Curer of a hundred diseases
  • Having one hundred roots
  • Having one hundred husbands

Known to promote at all stages of a woman:

  • Childbirth and ample lactation (flow and quantity of milk),
  • Reproductive cycle, hot flashes, irritability, irregular memory and dryness during menopause.
  • Uterine strength during pregnancy,
  • Ovulation and fertility,
  • Supporting the female system through menses,
  • Beginning with the menarche (start of menses),
  • Supports already balanced female hormones

Other less known benefits.

  • Shatavari is the primary uterine tonic in Ayurveda.
  • Natural antioxidant properties
  • Healthy peristalsis of bowels
  • Supportive of male reproductive system as well

How to Use?

Add one or two spoon of lactation podi/powder in warm milk and consume. Take morning and night after food.



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