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  • Home Made Rasam Podi – 100 gm

    • Traditionally home made Rasa podi
    • Ingredients:
      Coriander seeds, curry leaves, channa dhal, red gram dhal, black pepper, cumin seeds, red chillies, turmeric powder.
    • How to Use:
      Add one full teaspoon of rasam powder for two members.
      Don’t allow rasam to boil. Remove when started bubbling.
    • Storage: Once pack is opened, store into an airtight container.

  • Home made Refreshing Drink – Coffee/Tea Alternative – 1 Set (8 Pcs)

      • A special combination of Dry Ginger, Pepper, Long pepper, Palm jaggery
      • Removes Cold, Cough, Chest congestion
      • Gives immediate freshness
      • Rejuvenate Body
      • Reduces Throat infection
      • Best for Cold Climate
      • Gives more energy than Coffee/Tea

      How to Use (for single person): Take 120 ml of water and make it warm, put one (1) cube in warm water, stir well for 2 minutes. make sure entire cubes dissolved in water, dont filter, just drink home made refreshing drink which feels really good.

      For Kids (4 years+): Half dosage of above mentioned quantity.

  • Home Made Sambar Podi – 100 gm

    • Traditionally home made Sambar Podi
    • Ingredients: Coriander seeds, red gram dhal, Bengal gram dhal, black gram dhal, fenugreek, pepper, mustard, cumin seeds, curry leaves, red chillies, turmeric powder and asofoetida.
    • How to use: Use 2 tsp sambar powder for Two members. Add sambar powder after adding vegetables to the cooked red gram dhal.
    • Storage: Once pack is opened, store in airtight container.

  • Native Samba Wheat Rava – 500gm

    • This is one of the finest Native Samba Wheat Rava
    • Wheat Native Name is Jave Godhi
    • Rich in Fibre and very less in Gluten
    • Best for Upma, Kichidi, Pulav
    • Naturally produced and packed

Showing all 4 results