Aavaram Powder (ஆவாரம் | ಆವರಿಕೆ | తంగేడు) (100 gms)

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Avaram poo / Tarwar / Avarike – Anti Ageing, beneficial for Diabetics and Improves memory power for kids.



Product  Aavaram Powder (100gms)
Description/Benefits Aavaram Powder has incredible health benefits. There is an ancient saying in Tamil “ஆவாரை பூத்திருக்க சாவாரைக் கண்டீரோ”. It means during the aavaram flower season, if one sees this flower, they will not see a dead person!. It is considered next to gold and known in villages for giving glowing skin. It is even called as Golden Flower in the ancient land of Tamils.

–   Anti-Ageing property : Reduces and prevents wrinkles on skin.

–   Effective cure for Diabetes.

–   Helps in strengthening uterus in women.

–   Helps to regulate monthly cycle in women.

–   Regulates heart functioning.

–   Improves memory power for kids.

–   Good cure for conjunctivitis.

–   Improves liver function and rectify constipation issues.

–   Widely used in treatment of kidney malfunction with doctor’s advice.

–   Helps in removing body odor.

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How to Use

1) Add 1tsp aavaram powder in 200ml water. Boil to reduce it to 50 ml. Filter and drink it. Honey can also be added if needed.
2) Mix honey to 1 tsp aavaram powder and take it directly.
3) Add rose water to the powder and apply as face pack.


Store in airtight containers


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