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Natural way to color your hair.

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Indigo Leaf Powder, natural way to color your hair. (Scientific name : Indigoferra tinctoria)

Result : Colours the hair with dark brown to natural black colour when combined with natural henna powder

* Gives a tint of Indigo blue colour when applied alone on the hair

How to Use

This can be applied in 2 methods:

(1) To Get Brown colour

For brown tones, mix equal quantities of indigo and henna powder with warm water and allow it to soak for 30
mins.apply this mixture all over the hair covering all the grey hairs, leave it for one and a half hour and rinse the hair with water. We can wash the hair with
natural shampoo the next day also.

(2) To Get Dark Brown to Natural Black

* To get dark brown to natural black colour,we need to prepare 2 pastes separately. First we need to apply natural henna powder. Mix Henna powder with a tsp of lemon juice and water (can also add tea or coffee decoction to get a rich colour) in a bowl. Soak this for 2 hours and apply all over the hair by making sections, so that all the grey hair is coloured, keep this mixture in the hair for 1 – 2 hours and, wash your hair with plain water. This gives a natural orange colour which becomes a base for indigo powder.Henna is also a good conditioner for hair. If you feel henna is making your hair dry then mix a tsp of coconut oil while mixing henna powder.

*Once the wetness in the hair is dried (its ok if the hair is still damp) , apply Indigo leaf powder. This can also be done the next day of  Mehandi application too.

*Add a pinch of salt and warm water to the indigo powder and mix well to get idli batter
consistency and allow it to stay for 20 mins so that a blue colour dye released. Once dye is released apply the mixture all over the hair and allow it to stay for 45
mins. Rinse the hair well with water or conditioner alone.

Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from being stained.
The powder will give varied colours of brown depending on the body nature , just like normal henna application.

This powder will give a good result only to people who have not used any chemical based hair dyes.

This product is natural and suitable for all types of skin , but its always recommended to do a patch test at one section of the hair.

The mixture of Indigo powder and henna powder gives varied brown shades.

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