Nannari Ver (natural coolant)


Nannari /Indian Sarsaparilla/Anantamul/Sogade Beru – Natural body coolant, excellent blood purifier and health tonic

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About Nannari root:

  • Nannari root is a natural body coolant and if had as a sherbet during summer, it keep us from becoming dehydrated.
  • Blood purifier: Nannari root is an excellent blood purifier and health tonic. Especially, if made with traditional jaggery, it is one of the best natural health tonics available and increases our energy levels
  • Urinary infection: This nannari sherbet is reported to be an excellent home remedy for urinary infection
  • Constipation: Consuming a glass of nannari sherbet also is a good and effective home remedy for constipation and it also relieves body pain.
  • For Digestion: This nannari sherbet is an effective way to treat our stomach disorders without swallowing bitter pills. If you have a mild indigestion or if you are not hungry, take a cup of this nannari sherbet, you will feel better in no time.

People who drink the Nannari juice have been observed to lose weight over a few weeks.


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How to Use

You can directly put this root in water at night and drink the water on next morning will helps to reduce your body heat.

How to prepare Nannari Sherbath/Juice?

1) Break the roots into 1 to 2 inches per piece.
2) Dry them under the hot sun for half a day.
3) Crush the roots and remove the hard portion from the inside of the root.
4) Powder the remaining parts.
5) Boil the water in a vessel. Once it boils, remove the vessel from the fire.
6) Add the powdered root and mix well.
7) Leave the mixture aside for 8 to 10 hours. Do not disturb it!
7) Then, after the 8 to 10 hours, strain the mixture with a muslin cloth into another vessel.
8) Add jaggery into the mixture.
9) Place the mixture onto the stove again and boil to prevent the jaggery from sticking to the sides. Make sure it boils until it becomes slightly sticky in texture.
10) Remove it from the heat and leave it aside to cool.
11) Once cooled, add lemon juice to the mixture to improve its taste.
12) The drink is ready to be served.

This Nannari syrup is best drunk in the morning before breakfast.


Store in airtight containers


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