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Nature Vita Provides Wide range of Nutrition helpful for kids and elders day to activity. It can be mixed with milk and a healthy traditional substitute for other commercial health drinks. Years back,we were exploring alternative for Horlicks, Boost etc. We met various farmers and spoke to many naturopathy and village grandmothers.

We shared the ideas/suggestions to farmers to come up with an alternative for health drinks. Few came forward with their home made drink. But we were not convinced with taste and ingredients used. We wanted to add rice kernel or bran, which has all nutritional values, which gets lost while polishing the rice. These bran of certain variety of rice are known to have medicinal value for curing cancer.

Finally a farmer came up with this Bran idea, who has experience of polishing the rice for last 30 years. We did a lot of experiment with various traditional rice. From all options, we selected a particular rare variety called as kuruvai kalanchiyam which has lowest glycemic index that is between 30 to 50! and it also has many medicinal values. Siddha doctors and healers used to take this rice bran and use it in the medical preparations.

Post 2 years, after a number of refinements we finally liked it. We also added pure palm sugar from Ramanathapuram district and flax seed, and lo-behold we finally found an alternative!!!

Before Greenhands started, this one recipe alone became a big hit among our parents community.

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How to Use

Take 1 or 2 spoons of nature vita, mix with warm milk and drink. Can be consumed directly in powder form.


Store in airtight containers


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