Home-Made Natural Grease, Grime and Kitchen Dirt Cleaner (500 gms)


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100% Natural cleaner for greasy, oil-clinged chimney plates, stove-tops and oil cans.

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The thought of cleaning the greasy, oil-clinged chimney plates, stove-tops , oil cans itself gives us chills. The amount of scrubbing involved is a tedious task. To add to it, the hazardous chemical fumes makes it harder to even breathe. Equally bad for our health and environment. Try this powerful cleaner which is made of citrus pulp extract ,powered by enzymes . It easily dissolves the grease, burnt food, oil and makes the cleaning process so much easier. Dissolves oil & grease immediately, no hot water, no detergent required Helps you clean thick layers of grease inside your chimney as well Cleans the surface and articles with very minimal effort No harsh chemical fumes,skin friendly and environment friendly

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

How to Use

Take the pulp, squeeze out the excess liquid into the container and apply on the greasy surface evenly. Leave it for 10-15 mins or u can soak it longer for tougher stubborn stains.

Use a scrubber( coconut or stainless steel scrub) to clean the surface .

Other uses

You can use it for cleaning limescale deposits on faucets, kitchen sinks and tiles too.

Note: The enzyme liquid is mixed with the pulp to avoid fungus formation. The container should always have the liquid with the pulp.


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