Pure Epsom Bath and Foot Soak Salts (120 gm)


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Epsom salts are formed from a pure mineral compound containing magnesium and sulphate that have healing properties, and these minerals are readily absorbed by the body in the soaking therapy.
These salts have been used for centuries to treat muscle aches, cleanse the skin, relieve foot aches, sore legs, smelly feet, and treat insomnia also.
It’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent and a muscle relaxant.
Rock Salt removes negative energy.
Lavender oil is one of the most popularly used oils in aromatherapy. It has a calming and uplifting aroma. It has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
No hidden chemicals or toxic additives used.

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How to Use


For a relaxing soak: Add two cups of Epsom Salt to a warm bath.
For relieving aching, sore feet, and smelly feet: Add 2-4 spoons of Epsom Salt to a bucket of warm water and soak your legs.
For relieving backache: Mix 1 – 2 spoons of Epsom Salt in water to form a paste for application.
Soak or apply for at least 15 – 20 minutes.

Note: You should not take Epsom salt baths if you are pregnant, have exposed cuts or burns on your skin, or severely dehydrated. NOT RECOMMENDED for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease and have high or low blood pressure.


Store in airtight containers


Pure Epsom Salt, Rock Salt, and Lavender Essential Oil


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