Siddha Tooth Powder (100 gm)

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Herbal toothpowder as per texts



Helps to cure all dental problems and Strengthening Gums. This tooth powder is a best replacement for commercial chemical laden toothpastes. It has 21 herbs.

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How to Use

Take a pinch of Siddha tooth powder and rub gently on teeth n gums for 14 days. You can see good results


– Amla
– Thantrikai
– Kadukkaai
– Vellai Karisalai
– Nayuruvi
– Thavasi Murungai
– Banyan tree bark
– Karuvelam tree bark
– Maa villangam bark
– Katha Kambu
– Masikai
– Sweet Flag
– Alam
– Yavasaram
– Vai Villangam
– Kadal Nurai
– Kalnar parpam
– Clove
– Dry ginger
– Ceylon Cinnamon
– Kiranthi Nayagam
– Menthol
– Tea Tree oil

1 review for Siddha Tooth Powder (100 gm)

  1. Sujitha

    I would like to share my gratitude to greenhands for siddha tooth powder.
    ✍ Siddha tooth powder : I started using this for my daughter and hv seen major difference. Today we had dental check up in her school. Despite of other kids my daughter teeth is perfect.
    Kudoosssss – Sujitha

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