Thanga Samba Traditional Rice (2 Kg)


  •  Traditional Rice Variety, Best for Lunch and alternative for regular white polished rice


  •  The word ‘Thangam’ in Tamil means ‘Gold’. Since the matured grains are golden in colour the variety is known as ‘Thanga Samba’.
    – This variety is also known to increase the longevity of human beings.
    – It increases stamina to a great extent.It improves human complexion and also
    the potency of male.
    – It comes under White Rice Variety.
    – Since this variety of rice is extremely fine and long it is used for the
    preparation of special dishes like Pulav, Meals. It is suitable for the South
    Indian meal.
    – It is believed that long term consumption of this rice keeps you young and healthy.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

How to Use


You can use it as an alternative for White Polished Rice
– Pulav
– Vegetable Briyani
– Porridge

1 Hour soaking before cooking


Store in airtight containers


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