Traditional Smelted Iron Tawa – 3kg


 Traditional Iron Tawa



It is made in a Traditional smelted method. Preparing food using Iron Tawa helps add natural iron to your body.

Diameter – 30 cm
Thickness – 4 mm
Weight – 3 kg



Additional information

Weight 3 kg

How to Use

The iron tawa needs to be seasoned the first time so that it can be used for regular cooking.
Below are the methods on seasoning Iron tawa:-
– Pour some cold press oil (anyone) in Iron tawa and make it warm
– Cut small Onion (shallots) into many pieces and put the small onion in tawa.
Fry the small onion until its become brown.
After few minutes, let tawa cool down
Take a cotton cloth and remove fried small onion and excess oil.
Now Iron tawa is ready to use


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