Home-Made Traditional Kaajal / Kan Mai – 10 grm


Made By Vaijayanthi 
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100% natural, preservative free, traditionally prepared Kaajal/Kan Mai

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Prepared in the same traditional procedure as our grandmothers and incorporates the ancient wisdom of using highly healing herbs in everyday products. Healing properties of Bringaraj will help in improving eyesight over time. The herb Bringaraj is grown naturally and organically at home for this preparation. Pure desi cow ghee ensures no product contamination and helps preserve the medicinal properties of Bringraj.

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How to Use

As the product is made without any preservatives or artificial coloring, it may change slightly in consistency or color according to the temperature.


Please store it air-tight in cool and shady area. Please do not expose directly to sunlight. Strictly for external use only
Best used within three months of purchase.


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